Friday, 31 August 2018

Tavina-My dad-By Leonie

Tavina-My dad 
Learning Intention:We are learning how to write a poem about my dad.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a poem about my dad using a format and capital letters and full stops correctly.

Brown eyes, brown skin, tall and skinny,
bald, and wear glasses

My Autobiography

Learning Intention:W.A.L.T-write our autobiography.
Success Criteria:I know I am successful when I can write a a autobiography.

I am Leonie and my birthday is April the four I am 8 year old my loving parents are Ruth and tavter  and my cool brother's are Ramsey and Michael and my pretty auntie's are Lissy and Maler and my handsome uncles are sam and sapoi 

Monday, 27 August 2018

All about me-by Leonie

Learning Intention;We are learning to write a recount.
Success Criteria; I am successful when I can write a recount using correct spelling and full stops.

                                                    All about me
Hello! My name is Leonie. I live in Panmure, New Zealand.I was born in April 2010.
I have 2 brothers. My favorite food are apples and pork.The sport that I like is soccer.
In school I like Math. My favorite book is "Don't eat the teacher". My friends are Ana, Erich  and Ellma. The color that I like is pink.I like to sing songs at home.


Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Mission Day

On Friday we and our whanau celebrated Mission Day.  We raised money for the orphans in India.  First we went to Mass at St Patrick's Church to celebrate Mission Day.  

After Mass we went to our school's new learning area and Father Andrew blessed the new area.  Father said some prayers and waved the holy incense to bless the area.  After that we had a normal morning tea.  

When we heard the second bell we knew that it was time to spend our money.  My favourite thing was going into library to do karaoke.  My friends wanted to go and buy a book.  My friends bought a little book.  One of my friends got a Lego book.  Another one of my friends got a big book.  It was called 'Happy Birthday Kids'.  It looked like a good book.  

Then the bell rang again and it was lunch time.  For lunch I had a sausage sizzle and it tasted like a real hot dog.  Next we played.  After lunch we went to Room 2 with Miss Craig and we watched a movie called 'Cats Tales'.  We mostly ate popcorn and talked to each other.

Before we went home we did the raffle draw.  The first prize went to Room 8, The second prize went to Room 1.  It was Willietony and he won two boxes of Lego.  I had lots of fun.  Finally it was time to go home.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Going To Inflatable World

In the holidays I went to Inflatable World with my family.  First, we went on the Bouncy Ball.  My mum tried to jump on the ball but she accidentally landed on the mat.  My dad and my baby brother won the Bouncy Ball by jumping up and down on it.  

Next we went to the big Bouncy Slide.  We climbed up the stairs and then we slid down fast.  I climbed up and slid down the Bouncy Slide nine times because it was fun.  My brother also played on it and he knows how to climb up on his own.

After that my mum and I went to the Bouncy Castle.  We had to follow the yellow line to get to the Bouncy Castle.  My mum and I won the Bouncy Castle because we won the game. We had fun at Inflatable World.  I wish I could go back to Inflatable World again sometime soon.