Saturday, 28 March 2020

Jesus Respected Tapu in people!

Jesus Respected Tapu in people 

When I see someone how did the right thing they are showing tika and when I share the toys with my brother and feel like I am doing the right thing and it is tika.

When I help my Mum with the baby feels like it is Aroha and when I help my mum with the washing and making dinner, I feel Aroha.

When I always listen to my Dad and always showing kindness and it feels like  pono. 

How to make pencils

1 How to make lead.First they mix graphite and clay powder.Then water is added to make a sloppy mixture which is mixed in a machine looks like wet cement mixed up.After this the mixed is put in a machine to make the lead then they dry to make it stronger  the lead finally it is put in a wax bath.

2 The pencils.First they buy storage wood for the pencils they take and when they get back they do millin and grooving to the wood  when you look at it. it's so cool it looks like you are sharpening the wood but you are making line’s verey deip so they can put the lead for the pencils they apply glue so the lead will not came out when you use the pencils then they Inserting the lead they put wood on top then they milling the pencils.

3.painting and stamping.They put white paint with green and it looks cool when you mix it.It’s like you want to touch it then they mix other colors like red and yellow it can be you fravit colour then they colour then it comes out of a machine and the pencil is painted then they stamp sticker of the pencils to tell if it is watercolor or normal color then they dip the end of the pencils.Then they but it in a room call the drying room so the paint of the pencils can dry.

4.Finishing.Then when the pencils are done drying they quality testing on the pencils so it is good to take home withstanding 2.5 kg that means you can take the pencil home then after that they sharpening the pencils then they put it in a box and give it to the shops and people use the pencils.

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Mophead school drama

Monday, 18 November 2019

Manaiakalani Film Festival

                               Manaiakalani Film Festival                              On Wednesday 13 November we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at Sylvia park movie. My buddy was Desiree I went on the bus with her she wanted to go to the back to see lots of people and cars but we did not get there because we were too late. We talked most of the way there. 
When we got to Sylvia Park we lined up and then we started to walk to the movies. It was hot in the bus and even when we sat down in the movies.
The movie started. Some of the movies were funny. My favourite film was Room 7's at St Patrick's.  There were other schools there like Tamaki College and Point England and Panmure Bridge. When we got back to the bus Desiree and I got to the top at the back and it was so cool at the movies. I had fun.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Real or Fake

In cyber smart we were learning about Real or Fake. This is our work there is a Tigerlion and a new variety of lemon... do you think they are Real or Fake?